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The Guy behind the bacon

Iโ€™m Chris, owner of Don’t Go Bacon My Heart. Otherwise known as ‘the guy behind the bacon’. Furthermore known as that guy on a yacht thinking he’s a million bucks when in reality that’s a Super Mario snapback and an awful attempt at a modelling pose… Hi ๐Ÿ™‚


Aย little background on how we got here…

I don’t want to start with the cliche ‘I’ve always loved food’, but it really is true. From way back when I was a young warthog cooking up some real experimental pasta sauces, to now where I’m essentially still doing the same, food has led the way for me.

And it still did right up to a couple years back when I discovered the wonders of Instagram. It’s funny, I guess you can pin all this down to one photo I uploaded. In hindsight it was (/is… It’s still alive on my private account for memorabilia) a truly awful photo of an average dinner I made that night. I think it maybe got 5/6 comments saying how delicious it looked and at that very moment, I felt like a michelin star chef destined to be a world famous food blogger.

But in all seriousness, that’s all it took. A little nudge from some friends whichย gave me a tiny bit of confidence and I took it and ran with it. From there on over the next couple of years I made a separate instagram dedicated to food, which developed to a website and what can only now be described as my pride and joy.

So like, apart from eating, what do you actually do?
Sleeping. On rocksย apparently..



I mean I do love sleeping, but I love travelling even more. Blogging on the go, more so recipe developing, does have it’s limitations when you’re travelling about. But ultimately the experience I’ve gained whilst essentially eating my way around the world has added more than I can imagine to this blog. Currently in Australia, the next stop is New Zealand. Oh and maybe another US trip squeezed in cause you guys are awesome.

So now we’re here, what can I expect?
For all the savoury tooths out there, this blog’s for us..

And it’s a good question, what with the huge versatility in food blogs these days. The basis of my content is recipes. All savoury, all simple home cooking and all falling in the following categories: Quick Dinner, Easy Appetizers, Hearty Homecooking and Fun Food.


The Guy Behind The Bacon


Alongside this I love doing local eatery reviews, local being Melbourne at the moment (soon to be moving backย England). And finally general foodie roundups, often involving weekly round-ups and buzzfeed-style countdowns.

Where can I find you?
Let’s stay in touch!

You can find me on most social media, just click on any of those floaty looking things to your left if you’re on desktop, or scroll to the top/bottom if on mobile. Any business enquiries just shoot an email to chrisdgbmh@gmail.comย and I’ll be sure to get back to you. Currently accepting local reviews and sponsored content opportunities.

Anywho I best be off, cheers for the read guys and I hope to see you all here real soon. Until then, selfie.


The Guy Behind The Bacon

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    May 31, 2017 at 11:55 pm

    This is Fabulous.
    Are you taken, you’re a woman’s DREAM.
    Take Care, Enjoy The Summer

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