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How do you create your recipes?

I surround myself with foodie inspiration; whether it’s all over my social media, watching cooking shows, eating out or conversing with other bloggers, for me food is everywhere. So usually once I’ve seen something inspiring I’ll get overly excited and jot down some recipe notes. I tend to do as little research as possible regarding ingredients and methods of existing similar recipes, just to try and keep my recipes as authentic and original as possible. I will however look at similar techniques I’ve used in the past since I’ve got such a huge number of existing recipes! No recipe I create goes near the blog until I’ve tested it at least twice.

Can I substitute this ingredient?

The listed ingredients in each recipe are there because I believe they are the best chosen for that particular recipe. By subbing a different ingredient unfortunately without further testing, I cannot guarantee the same outcome. Having said that, if I do ever feel there is an obvious substitution for an ingredient, usually regarding dietary needs, it’ll always be suggested in the recipe!

How do you judge the nutritional value of your recipes?

In all recipes, I offer the amount of calories in each dish, per serving. This value is conducted by various online calorie analyzers such as Verywell, happyforks and myfitnesspal. I am in no way a nutritionist and can offer no further advice other than how many calories are in each recipe.

How do you calculate the cost of your recipes?

I take the total amount spent of the ingredients for the recipe and divide it by the number of suggested servings. Ingredients and most of the time always bought from UK Supermarkets. I assume all ingredients need to be bought apart from olive oil and salt & pepper. These values are merely estimates and provided just for guidance.

How do I bookmark a recipe to come back to it?

I have a function on my site where you can create a collection of recipes to store and easily come back to whenever you need. On the right hand side of the screen, you’ll see a heart appear if you’re on a recipe page. Just tap the heart and it’ll save the recipe. If you want to come back to the recipe, just click the magnifying glass and you’ll see all the recipes you’ve saved. You’ll see the ‘save’ option at the top of each recipe card too, alongside the floating menu bar if you’re on mobile.

Can I post your recipe?

I do not allow people to copy full recipes of mine (I know, selfish right?). But in all seriousness it does negatively impact how my site appears in search engines and there is some official copyright business with it too. However, you are more than welcome to use a photo with a link back to that particular recipe.

Do you have a cookbook?

After 7 years of blogging, I’m thrilled to say I have a cookbook coming out on the 26th of October! You can read all about my new cookbook Comfy.

How do I keep up to date with your recipe releases?

As soon as i’ve posted a new recipe you’ll see me screaming it from the rooftops all over social media. Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube | TikTok. You can also sign up to my Newsletter where I post out a new delicious dinner idea once a week.