Mr & Mrs Anderson | Hawthorn East

Mr and Mrs Anderson | Hawthorn East
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Just another Melbourne Brunchery – is exactly what Mr & Mrs Anderson is not.

Located on Tooronga Road, this eatery is paving the way for ‘sustainable eating’ and giving you the best Instagram ammo in the process. Their idea of Paddock to Plate brings you beautifully fresh ingredients that are the building blocks for the innovative dishes they serve; from jams and oils made from scratch, to homegrown fruit ‘n’ veg, this cafe wastes no time in serving you the most delicious locally sourced food around.

Mr & Mrs Anderson Cafe Review

Danish trained Executive Chef Lasse Povlsen (otherwise known as ‘GD’) has taken his Michelin experience, painted this cafe with it and absolutely ran with it. Talking with both him and Roulla (shared owner) you soon realise that there is so much passion and care floating around this eatery and I truly believe that is shown through the food here in Mr & Mrs Anderson.

Hey, speaking of food, shall we?

Below I have just a few of the dishes we devoured, so unbuckle that belt and clean that screen cause you’re about to get the visual feeding like no other.

Poke Bowl (19.50)
‘Salmon, Sesame, Soy, Brown Rice, Avocado, Spring Onion, Macadamia, Nori, Pickled Ginger’

Mr & Mrs Anderson Cafe Review

Poke Bowls (or pokeballs as my mind seems to read) appear to be the trend around Melbourne these days. However this one was definitely a stand out I have to say. Traditional at it’s roots, the Macadamia’s add a nice Aussie twist and alongside the brown rice, add a very much appreciated textural contrast to the smoothness of the Salmon and Avocado.

Freshly Squeezed Juice (7.50)

Feeling healthy after that bowl of goodness? Okay let’s get healthier. The ‘Green’ juice was smooth, frothy and delicious. However this being one of two juices on the menu, the only upsetting thing is that there wasn’t a wider selection. For what it was though, delish!

Mr & Mrs Anderson Cafe Review

Caramelized White Chocolate Brioche (17.50)
‘with Crystallized White Chocolate, White Chocolate Matcha Truffles, Raspberry Coulis and Sorbet, Fresh Berries, Candied Walnuts, Flowers’

Mr & Mrs Anderson Cafe Review

Okay now let’s really get into the goods. This. Was. Insane. If we’re all honest here, many plates that look similar to this one would cost the same, if not more, but have about half the ingredients. This dish deserved every cent of the $17.50. All of the ingredients on this plate added something special to create a delicate and flavoursome dish. Most importantly, this was really filling! The key to that? Let’s take a closer look.

Mr & Mrs Anderson Cafe Review

The Caramelized White Chocolate Brioche was so heavenly. Beautiful and fluffy with a gooey center. Speaking as somebody without a predominant ‘sweet tooth’ I did fear this dish may be too sweet, but the Walnuts and Matcha brought a really nice contrast to the dish.

Crispy Celeriac/Parsnip Polenta (18.50)
‘with Celeriac Puree, Sauteed Fresh and Pickled Mushrooms, Mushroom/Thyme Broth and Peas’

Mr & Mrs Anderson Cafe Review

This dish really took me by surprise and blew my mind in the process.  A real creative and hearty dish which I’d never have guessed was vegan. The texture of the Polenta was second to none. Just watching it soak up the Mushroom/Thyme broth had me nearly crying rainbows. We joked with GD that this was actually liquid gold, but all jokes aside, I think it may have actually been…

So there we have it folks, an insight into the world of Mr & Mrs Anderson . Do check them out with all the deets below, I solemnly swear you shall not regret. Have a fantastic week and I’ll catch you on the next post!

Address: 398 Tooronga Rd, Hawthorn East VIC 3123
Phone: 03 9882 9888
Facebook: @mrandmrsandersoncafe
Instagram: @mrandmrsandersoncafe
Open: Mon-Fri: 7am-4pm
Weekends: 8am-4pm

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    I love food that is so beautifully presented. It always tastes better!

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